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feasibility assessments 

Assessing Development Cost against Profits cannot be derived from a single scenario. it should include all possible scenarios which could occur at all stages. For it not only to ascertain whether the scheme is viable, but to determine the most profitable solution, which would later become the reoccurring theme throughout the design  process to ensure, noting get lost in translation. 

Value Engineering

Value Engineering in the process of reducing Project Cost, whilst NOT compromising on the Quality of the final product. We can offer technical design solutions to reduce anticipated project cost during the design stage and advise on the most advanced and latest construction methods to reduce cost impacts on site. 

Cost Monitoring

Our Commercial awareness and Construction knowledge can assist our clients to determine the ideal payments strategy for all project stakeholders and thereafter, monitor progress to ensure all payments are released accordingly.  Whilst can carry out site visits during the Construction stage, we pride ourselves for being able to provide our clients with solid cost advise throughout the design development stages, where we can guarantee major cost savings to occur during each and every stage.  

Financial Planning

We understand that the Cost of Finance can have dramatic impacts on our client's development profits, especially considering today's volatile Financial market. Therefore, we can provide our Clients with a full development programmes for all stages and break down the anticipated expenditure on each and every month to reduce loan amounts and therefore, increase Profits.

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