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Real Estate Investment

Our goal is to provide expert advise and effective management.  We aim to serve groups and individuals from all sectors who wish to make the most out of their funds. With our background and expertise, we can offer valuable insights on the UK and Israeli Real Estate Markets and provide outstanding management throughout the entire process to ensure our client's success. 

property & land acquisition

We offer our clients an extensive and efficient due-diligence process to mitigate any foreseeable risk before committing to a Purchase. With our market knowledge and wide network of international Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Planning and Architectural practices, we are able to provide solid advice, negotiate or manage the Acquisition stage.

UK & Israel investments

Considering our expertise in both, the UK and Israeli Real Estate markets, we are able to offer professional services to Israeli investors who wish to take advantage of the UK's 'Safe Heaven' R.E market or alternatively, provide International investors, global operators or foreign individuals a dedicated and reassuring representation in Israel.

Business Development & Strategy

We always emphasise to our clients that property is a product, and just like any other successful product, the concept development requires a dedicated strategy and planning. From identifying the most appropriate target market and catering to their specific needs, to understanding the site's or property's restrictions and advising on its best use to achieve a  successful operation.   

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